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Diesel mechanic performing repairs on driveline for semi truck in Colona, IL

Your Driveline Repairs Explained

Manual and Automatic Transmissions

Your driveline is responsible for transferring power to your wheels. To start, your transmission’s inner gears are designed to optimize your engine’s power. If your truck has a manual transmission, you’ll have a clutch that connects and disconnects your engine’s flywheel. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, will have heavy-duty torque converters that automatically connect the two components. 

Transfer Case

If your truck has multiple drive modes, you’ll likely have a transfer case. A transfer case is responsible for providing an additional layer of gearing, as well as allowing secondary output shafts to lock into place. This is commonly found on lighter-duty work trucks and large logging trucks. 

Driveshafts (Output Shafts)

Most semi-trucks will have two driveshafts. One between their transmission and first differential and a second between each of the rear differentials. These components rotate and transfer power from one component to another. They use bearings to facilitate frictionless movement and are vital components of your driveline. 

Differentials and Axle Shafts

Your differentials are designed to split the power coming from your drive shaft in two different directions. Most operate based on the path of least resistance, but there are variants that have locking or limited slip capabilities. Axle shafts, on the other hand, are essentially small driveshafts that connect your differential to your wheel hub. 

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Driver came in with a bad brake chamber. Got him in and out in less then an hour. Highly recommend this place if you're in the area and in need of any repairs!

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This place is great they got me in as soon as they opened up and they got everything done correctly as I asked them to do. If you need repair or anything else please stop here.  Drivers room clean bathroom.  Nice place!!

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What great service! We were stranded on the side of the road in our RV and not only did they get someone out after wed been trying to find someone for a couple of hours, but Scott was so nice and offered to drive us to our hotel once our RV was dropped off and even offered to put it where we could plug in. Would definitely recommend calling this company!

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I would say Best in the business

These guys are heroes to me From towing my semi truck to fixing at their shop. They’ll professional. Thank you

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I appreciate Scott, my mechanic, very knowable and informative. Very good rates and good work. Nice folks at B and B. Thank you for your hospitality.

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Nice folks.  Sure helped me in a tough spot after no one else would do a mobile call.

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Great guys in the shop! Honest business! I’ll recommend b&b based on the mechanics alone

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