Walinga Bulk Feed Systems: Custom Built for Generations 

Walinga Feed Systems

Welcome to the next level of bulk feed transportation. A true marvel in the industry, Walinga’s custom-built powerhouses are designed to meet and exceed the evolving needs of multi-generational farming families and enterprises. Meticulously engineered and constructed with future-proof technologies, Walinga becomes an investment in the long-term prosperity of your operation. With unparalleled quality, performance, and longevity, discover why Walinga should be your first choice.

Bulk Feed Discharge Systems

Over half a century of manufacturing bulk feed equipment, Walinga has learned the importance of assembling equipment engineered for customer-specific needs. ISO-certified CAD production enables efficient custom units for everyone. We deliver systems like our original slogan from 1954, “Building any body for anybody.” 

Walinga offers variable builds mixing three conveying systems and three gate mechanisms. Customers can alter their creation for their needs by mixing Auger, Paddle, or Air Discharge conveying systems with Inverted “V” Gates, Drop Gates, or Horizontal Sliding Gate mechanisms. 

Floor Auger

The Floor Auger pumps feed with the same precision as a surgeon. Operating with a 9-inch helicoid flighting on a 2-1/2 inch diameter shaft, this baby is direct-driven by a heavy-duty, high torque hydraulic motor. Let's not forget the autic surge overload protection. The overload protection controls the speed of the floor auger relative to the discharge speed. The design incorporates engineering design for high output, precise discharge, and controlled power. 

What makes this unit a cut above the rest? For starters, a heavy-duty thrust bearing on the drive end and a hanger bearing at the discharge end ensure your Floor Auger will stand the test of time—a rig is built to last. Get a Floor Auger for that tighter fit between the auger and trough with lengths up to 12.8 meters. 

Auger Boom

The Auger Boom rotates feed with RC80 primary and RC50 secondary reduction drives. These reduction drives work to provide a stellar rated strength of 14,000 lbs. It also comes with hydraulic overload protection via a relief valve, giving customers the necessary control in every situation. 

Walinga Pneumatic Discharge

Get ready to be blown away. This system moves your bulk feed on a 'cushion of air.' The air cushion minimizes pellet damage and break-up—ideal for handling all grains and feeds. The Walinga Pneumatic excels in transporting and delivering dairy feeds. 

Why use the Walinga Pneumatic Discharge? Well, what makes the system effective and efficient is the use of gravity and air pressure. Gravity moves the product into the airlock. Once in the airlock, air pressure feds the bulk product to get discharged or carried through a vertical line air stinger. The benefit of the air stinger starts by dropping the product through an elbo or stainless steel cyclone, further removing fines and dust. 


The Feedlok: Revolutionizing Feed Delivery, One Bin at a Time

You know the hurdles if you’ve ever been part of a feed delivery operation. Mixing up feed types, wrong deliveries, tracking issues—you name it. Walinga introduces Feedlok, an innovation in feed delivery that turns those headaches into a thing of the past. Here's why this all-aluminum constructed unit is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

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The Right Feed, The Right Bin—No Exceptions!

Start by putting your Feedlok-equipped unit in “training mode,” align the boom over the customer’s bin, and boom—you lock in that bin's precise GPS coordinates while assigning a unique name. These details are stored in the system indefinitely, accurate within a few feet. No more room for error!

Foolproof and Secure

Say goodbye to the blunders of yesteryear. With Feedlok, each feed mixture is assigned to a precise GPS bin location. If a mismatch occurs, the system audibly and visually alerts the operator. A manual override just requires a security code. Rest assured, every manual override is recorded and sent to the server so it doesn’t happen again.

Real-Time Tracking and Record-Keeping

Wondering where your trucks are at any given moment? Curious about the timing of a particular delivery? Feedlok offers GPS tracking with time-stamped records, letting you know when and where each delivery is made.

The Bottom Line

With Feedlok, the days of wrong deliveries, tracking nightmares, and insecure feed assignments are behind you. All you need to do is align, lock, and let Feedlok take care of the rest. Right feed, right bin, every time—securely and efficiently. Trust us, this isn't just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in feed delivery. Choose Feedlok and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

Bulk Feed System Constructs Beyond Our Competition

Regarding Bulk Feed Systems, Walinga doesn't just set the bar—we raise it sky-high. Our state-of-the-art technology, attention to minute details, and relentless commitment to quality make us stand head and shoulders above the rest. And it's not just lip service; we deliver on our promises with innovations that reshape what you should expect from a feed delivery system. From unparalleled durability to intelligent automation, our solutions offer a class of excellence that leaves the competition in the dust. Here's why:

Walinga Feed System

All-Aluminum Construction: Ever felt like you had to choose between durability and efficiency? Well, folks, with Walinga's revolutionary All-Aluminum Construction, that's old news. Allow me to introduce you to a game-changer in the world of feed delivery systems—our trailers are built with 100% Extruded Base.

Why Extruded Base? This isn't your run-of-the-mill foundation; it's an engineering marvel allowing targeted strength. Picture this: areas that require additional reinforcement get it, while other parts remain lightweight. The result? Unparalleled durability without the drag. It’s something that formed bases simply can't offer.

Extruded Components: Our one-piece extruded components are designed to allow for "Frame Flex," essentially the trailer's ability to adapt to different road conditions without losing shape. Think of it as flexibility without sacrificing rigidity.

V-20 Hydraulic Controls: When you're in the thick of things, the last thing you want is a control panel that's as complicated as a Rubik's Cube. Our V-20 hydraulic controls are not just user-friendly; they're an operator's dream come true. With hydraulic fittings that promote efficient fluid flow, controlling your trailer will be as easy as pie.

HOAG Customizations and Options

Have you heard about Walinga's High Output Auger (HOAG)? We know you want more than just basic functionality from your feed delivery system. And that's where the HOAG comes into play. With unload capacities up to 7,000 lbs/min, this setup—comprising a 12-inch floor auger, a 15-inch vertical auger, and a 12-inch boom auger—offers a buffet of power and efficiency. Many features follow a HOAG order which include:

Remote-Controlled Boom: With our robust push-button Omnix remote, you can manage the start, stop, and four other functions—all from the comfort of your cab. Prefer a touch screen? Our tough Android tablet gives you control over dozens of functions. And guess what? Both are fully customizable and are typically delivered fully programmed. Say goodbye to manual labor and say hello to automation!

Tractor Hydraulic Package: The tractor hydraulic package is a heavy-duty tractor with high-quality wet kits ensured for long-lasting performance. With this package, your Walinga trailer won’t just meet expectations—it’ll exceed them.

Roll Stability Controller: The Roll Stability Controller, or SmartTrac, monitors your vehicle's rollover threshold. Should things get dicey, it kicks into action to slow down the vehicle. Once the conditions are back to normal, it's business as usual. This feature becomes an additional safety feature because we want our customers safe and satisfied. 

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Don't settle for less when your business deserves the best. Elevate your operations with Walinga's cutting-edge technology and unrivaled durability. Act now to secure your piece of the future and give your fleet the Walinga advantage. Contact us today to learn more about our tailor-made solutions that fit your unique needs. With Walinga, you're not just buying a product but investing in excellence. “Building any body for anybody.” 

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